When ARE You Going To Get Started?

Film School Secrets

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I was at a birthday party last night and found myself talking to a young filmmaker, Robert, who had just completed his first feature film. Robert admitted that it wasn’t very good but he was incredibly excited that he had completed it.

I asked him where he had gone to film school. His answer was quick and right on.

I want to be a filmmaker. No one’s going to tell me I have to put myself $100,000 in debt and spend 4 years waiting to get started.

Every successful filmmaker I’ve met has Robert’s attitude. They are determined “go-getters” who aren’t going to let anything stand in their way. You either have that attitude to start with or you learn it by jumping in and getting started.

Small successes lead to bigger successes and you keep going, or maybe you decide that you don’t care enough about filmmaking to work that hard. Either way you win because you are able to move on with your life.

Film School Secrets

You don’t learn to have a go-getter attitude in those expensive film schools. Instead you are taught to wait and be patient while you slowly learn skills that will make you over-qualified for the kinds of jobs you will find in the film industry.

Actually there aren’t any “jobs” in the film industry unless you count working as a production assistant for minimum wage on someone else’s film set as a job. Every one who is succeeding is an independent contractor and a go-getter.

Life is short. Don’t waste it getting ready to get started.

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