Researching Colleges For Film?

Master List of Colleges For Film

colleges for film
I’ve just updated my master list of film making schools. I’ve also added my thoughts about some of the alternatives to traditional university education when it come to colleges for film.  I even through in a little about film summer schools. A film summer school may be of interest to anyone who can’t afford the time or money to enroll in a full course of study.

What kind of colleges for film should you be considering?

What Kind of Film Making School?

I think most people are thinking of movie production schools when they think of film schools. By that I mean a school that teaches film production techniques as opposed to the many other specialties that employ so many in the film industry.

The fact that there are so many colleges for film, and I didn’t even try to add the hundreds of local community colleges offering various filmmaking classes.

Too Many Colleges For Film?

Not many realize that teaching filmmaking is a huge business today. Running a film making school is not very expensive, lots of former film school grads are unemployed and will teach for cheap. The value ratio of what film schools cost vs. the odds that you will every make any money from your new skills is not very good.

Check out my article about colleges for film before you pick a school.


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    It kinda sucks that so many film school grads are unemployed and have to resort to teaching right away without having much experience. Maybe grads could start looking into less obvious employment options, such as producing web video or video for companies that aren’t in the film industry.