Film Schools In Los Angeles – Dream vs. Reality

Film Schools in Los Angeles

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Film Schools In Los Angeles – The Dream

What aspiring filmmaker hasn’t dreamt of attending one of the top Los Angeles film schools, following in the footsteps of such luminaries as George Lukas, then being hired into the glamorous lifestyle of a Hollywood big shot?

Here’s an article that discusses the dreams of attending film schools in Los Angeles as a stepping stone to fame and fortune and the reality of what most graduates find in the real world of today’s film industry.

Film Schools In Los Angeles – The Reality

It seems that the film schools may have produced simply too many graduates that there aren’t nearly enough jobs to go around. As difficult as the top film schools in LA are to get in to, and as expensive as they are, there are just too many qualified film school grads to possibly all get employed.

This article talks about the reality of what to expect after graduating from even one of the two top film schools in Los Angeles.

What is your opinion? Did you graduate from a film schools in Los Angeles?