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NY Film Schools

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I just finished an article on about NY film schools. I wish I had some good news to report.

NY Film Schools = Expensive

My experience with visiting New York is that you can get really fine if you spend enough, but even mediocre cost a lot. (Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE N.Y. but it is expensive any way you look at it.) The same seems to hold true for the film schools there. NY film schools are subject to the same high costs as any other business trying to operate in the Big Apple.

Grad Reports High Cost, Poor Instruction

What’s that all about?A young graduate of NYU’s film program reported that he is stunned at what a loan he managed to run up while attending with sky-high tuition and living expenses.

At the same time he said he was frequently disappointed by often poor quality of instruction he got. Some teacher were excellent but many clearly had no real film industry experience and seemed to often be “shooting from the hip” with what they were teaching.

NY Film Schools Present Poor Value?

In the end he said he just didn’t feel that the excitement of the city and the proximity to media outlets afforded by NY film schools was worth the cost.

My advice: Read my article about NY film schools and look into some of the lower cost options first before you bet your dream on a film school in New York.