Surprising Top Film Schools List

Not Your Average Top Film Schools List

Top Film Schools

Danny Devito - Hollywood Mogul

When you picture Danny Devito do you think “movie actor”? Did you know that he is one of the most powerful business men and producers in the film industry?

If your goal is success in Hollywood would it make more sense to pursue a degree in business rather than in camera angles?

If you’re looking for a top film school to get into the film business you aught to have a look at this new list of the top ten film schools. These aren’t the top film schools you’ll see on any other list.

Top Film Schools For FREE?

Yes, there are even top film schools alternatives that won’t cost you a thing, as well as options for less than the cost of one course at USC or NYU.

Most top ten film school lists only consider the big, expensive universities offering four-year degrees or masters program in film studies. But many feel that these expensive schools don’t offer good enough value for a student wanting to learn filmmaking.

So check the various options in the top ten film school list and see what turns your crank.



    Please kindly put my request into effect! It will be my greatest desire to see myself in the film school pursuing my aspirations.

  2. says

    I personally think that having a school and a film training background is always important for everyone who wants to follow this career. You won’t learn how to exactly do it, but you get to have a wider knowledge of the techniques and the history of the art. That’s priceless ;)