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Screenplay Writing Goals

Establish Your Filmmaking Goal

A big danger for any beginning filmmaker is trying to do too much in a first attempt. On the other hand if you are serious about what you are doing why not really push yourself to do your best.

Write a goal statement and put it somewhere that you see it every day so you can stay on track. Are you trying to have some fun, sharpen your skills, break into Hollywood, become a pro?

Whatever seems true for you.

Understand that you are probably going to have to very work hard so shoot for something you really want but is at least possible.


The truth about filmmaking is: becoming a professional with the skills to make a living is tough. The odds don't look good. Filmmaking has an undeniable glamour so you will face a lot of competition.

There aren't a lot of people who've been able to create movies that are artistically and financially successful while staying true to themselves. But you could be one of them, so if you want it, never give up.

Getting Started - Classic Filmmaking Advice

Until recently if you had asked most people in the industry how to get started you would have heard some advice like the following:

First Step: Create some great short films that eventually get you into festivals. Network with everyone you meet.

Second Step: Keep it up getting better and better with each short and every film festival. You'll start to get noticed by industry insiders. Observe how films get discovered and sold at festivals.

Third Step: When you've got a really good idea for a feature length film write the screenplay. Pick out a part of the story that can stand on its own and actually create a short based on that. The short becomes your calling-card to show off your skills and someone you've gotten to know in the industry will help you get some financing to do the feature.

Last Step: Your feature is great and wins all the awards at Sundance. You sell the film. Your film shows in a thousand theaters, makes lots of money and wins an Oscar. Everyone wants to give you money to make movies.

The TRUTH: A few filmmakers have been able to pull it off but not many. More importantly, the world has changed. Money is not so easy to come by. Theatrical releases are making less money as more entertainment options and outlets keep popping up.

Today filmmakers need to stay on top of everything that is happening. From YouTube to Amazon there are so many possibilities but so many challenges.

Next you should learn how to create your movie fan base.

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