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This page is your portal to just about every filmmaker's online resource you could possibly need related to filmmaking equipment.

No site, even this site, can possibly contain all the updated information and resource you are going to need as a filmmaker.

Check out all the link below to see which ones might be of use to you now, and mentally store away the ones that will be of use to you as you advance in your career.

It's hard to keep all the links up-to-date so if you see something wrong please let me know.


Kodak Film (35mm and 16mm) -

Fuji Film (35mm and 16mm) -

Discounted Film (35mm and 16mm) -

Arriflex (film cameras) - Located in Munich, Germany, Arnold and Richter Cine Technik (A&R) was founded in 1917 and is the largest manufacturer of professional motion picture equipment in the world.

The company is involved in all aspects of the film industry: engineering, design, manufacture, production, visual effects, postproduction, equipment rental, laboratory services and studio lighting solutions. Manufactured products include cameras, lighting fixtures and digital postproduction tools. In addition to camera systems for 16 mm, 35 mm and 65 mm film, ARRI leads the field in digital acquisition with its ALEXA digital camera system, which delivers the highest quality images with minimal noise, wide dynamic range and workflows.

Panavision (film cameras) -

Aaton (film cameras) -

Studio Depot (expendables - California) -

Chapman-Leonard (dollies and cranes) -

J L Fisher (dollies and cranes) -

Mole Richardson (lights - California) -

Liman Rental (lights - New York) -

Barbizon Electric (expendables - New York) -

NRG Research (lights) -

Lowel Lights (lights) -

Canon (video-digital cameras) -

Sony (video-digital cameras) -

Internet Deals -

Panasonic (video-digital cameras) -

JVC (video-digital cameras) -

Los Angeles (camera rentals) -

New York (camera rentals) -

San Francisco (camera rentals) -

Seattle (camera rentals) -

Denver (camera rentals) -

Dallas (camera rentals) -

Chicago (camera rentals) -

Atlanta (camera rentals) -

Miami (camera rentals) -

Toronto (camera rentals) -

Vancouver (camera rentals) -

England (camera rentals) -

Australia (camera rentals) -

New Zealand (camera rentals) -

Digital Filming Resources


Film Directing Resources

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