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This page is your portal to just about every filmmaker's online resource you could possibly need related to movie and entertainment news.

No site, even this site, can possibly contain all the updated information and resource you are going to need as a filmmaker.

Check out all the link below to see which ones might be of use to you now, and mentally store away the ones that will be of use to you as you advance in your career.

It's hard to keep all the links up-to-date so if you see something wrong please let me know.


Variety Weekly -

Hollywood Reporter -

Box Office Magazine -

Box Office Grosses -

CNN Hollywood -

Creative Content -

Movieline Magazine -

Moviemaker Magazine -

Playback Magazine -

Backstage Newspaper -

Premiere Magazine -

Screen International -

E! Online -

Ain't It Cool -

Independent News -

Actors Dirt -

Zen Movie News -

English Gossip -

Video Equipment -

Production News -

Commercial Filming -

Editing News -

Lighting News -

TV Studio News -

Independent Filmmaker News -

Streaming News -

Written By Magazine -

Fade In Magazine -

Script Magazine -

MyVirtualDad -

Creative Screenwriting Magazine -

New York Screenwriter Magazine -

Screentalk Magazine -

Hollywood Scriptwriter -

Independent Film Forum

Screenwriting Resources


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