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Your Movie is Done, Now What?

Hopefully you've enjoyed the artistic and technical challenges involved in creating your movie and are pleased with the results. Now comes the equally important, and usually even more difficult step of making some money.

Entertainment options multiply every year setting higher and higher barriers for entry for getting your film to an audience and getting paid. This effects all filmmakers, even the best known and most experienced. Some of the top talents are finding it harder and harder to get funding for interesting projects.

Continue to create buzz through every method available. A lot of free or very inexpensive (except for your time) options are available through online sites, blogs and social media.


Film festivals still play an important part in getting first notice for new films. You need to learn how to get your film into festivals, and more importantly what to do once your film gets in.

Film markets are held periodically and control much of what is sold to markets outside of the United States.

Once upon a time "distribution" meant getting your film shown in theaters. Today distribution can mean just about anything. VHS tapes have way to DVD and Blu Ray. Every sort of online streaming is become a viable option for some filmmakers. The only thing you can say for sure is that it will change.

Hollywood and the film industry seem to operate by their own set of rules in their own universe. Understanding this world and the language they speak will help you to survive.

The film industry has more than its share of lawyers and a lot of laws have been written to control the movie business. Understanding film related law is something else you will need for survival in the movie industry.

Learn about all these elements of film marketing and distribution as well as Hollywood and the law at

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