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Who Am I?

My name is Jerry Anderson. I've consulted on, and written, screenplays that got produced. I've produced my own films. I've directed actors and won awards at festivals for my independent films.

I won't bore you with the details. You're not here to learn about me. You want to learn filmmaking. Besides, in the movie industry you're only as good as what you've done lately.

Now I teach filmmaking. It is my hobby and passion, since I retired from active filmmaking, to pass on what I have learned about filmmaking. This site is one of the ways I do it.

I hope you find it informative and useful in achieving your personal filmmaking goals.

What Is Here?

This site contains a wealth of information equivalent to what you would typically get out of attending a resident film school and earning a degree in filmmaking.

  • A comprehensive filmmaking resource and tons of filmmaking links
  • Common sense advice on what it takes to be a filmmaker in today's world
  • A real alternative to an expensive, resident to earn a worthless degree
  • Everything on this site is FREE!


If you are serious about wanting to be a filmmaker then welcome to the Entertainment Business.

Point #1: There is no such "job" as filmmaker.


The filmmaking industry contains hundreds of specialized jobs. It is very possible to break into the entertainment industry and find work and you probably don't need any degree to get one of those jobs.

When people outside the industry talk about being a filmmaker they are imagining a do-it-all person who writes screenplays AND produces films AND directs actors on a film set to create and sell a finished piece of movie entertainment.

Being able to do all these jobs is extremely difficult and very few people have ever been able to do it well. Woody Allen is one example. It is also the position most people entering the movie industry dream of having and therefore the most competitive thing to achieve.

But there is no "job" as a filmmaker, just some extraordinary people that have learned multiple skills. No one will ever hire you to be a filmmaker. If you are as talented as Woody Allen you may eventually work yourself into being a successful, self-employed person creating your own films.

Point #2: It's called the "entertainment industry" for a reason: The goal is to run a profitable business selling entertainment. There are two things you need to get from this statement.

#1 If you don't know how to create something that a significant segment of your potential audience will find truly entertaining you aren't going to succeed.

#2 If you don't understand enough about how to run a business profitably, and a movie making business in particular, then you aren't going to succeed.

Your assignment is to learn how to make really entertaining films, controlling your costs so when you sell them you will make enough profit to pay yourself for your time and effort.

What is the Filmmaking Process?

There is a series of steps usually followed to put together a film as follows:

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