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Time to Put Your Movie Together

Everything has been shot, the actors and crew have gone home. You're thinking that now all you need to do is edit it together and your done. Wrong!

As the editing process goes on the most important thing you should be working on is making sure you can make some money from this movie. The next section will cover marketing and distribution in detail but understand that making some money from your film is not something you must not put off for later.

Building momentum and buzz are absolutely necessary if you want to make any money. Meeting and talking to people who are the gatekeepers for various outlets is essential. You're a business person running a business and don't forget it.

Digital filmmaking has greatly simplified movie editing to the point that almost anyone with good computer skills can believe they can edit a movie. This is almost true. Also involved is a keen artistic sense, patience, and training.

Sound is an important part of any successful film. The less intrusive your handling of your movie's sound, generally the better.


Real life is full of background sounds. Everything from explosions to footsteps and the wind whistling in the trees need to be added. Many of these sounds are added in a process know as 'foley" where a person watches the silent movie footage while they use common objects to make sounds matching the action.

Most movies benefit from some music to set the mood. But don't think you can grab your favorite group's popular tunes and drop them in your movie. Buying the right to use music can be very expensive. If you are operating on a low budget you need to learn the tricks for getting cheap, quality music.

Despite the best equipment it is often difficult to get clear sound of your actors talking. A process known as Automatic Dialog Replacement has the actors repeating their lines and recording them in a studio while they watch the orginal film.

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