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This page is your portal to just about every filmmaker's online resource you could possibly need. I've tried my best to make this site complete but there are other sites and resources that have highly useful filmmaking information.

From this page select a filmmaking category which will take you to a list of specific links for that category.

If you know of a link or resource that isn't listed please let me know so I can add it.

Filmmaking Resource Categories

Screenplay Resources - How to do research, advice for beginners, advice for more advanced writers, screenwriting news, selling your script, competitions, coverage and posting, script consultants.

Movie News and Gossip - What's happening in the world of show business. Trade magazines and popular entertainment rags. Sites for all the entertainment related magazines and news outlets.

Movie Reviews - All the top reviewers and movie sites to learn about films and how they rate.


Film Financing - People with money, foundations, grants, endowments.

Film Commissions - Official government sponsored film commissions by state in the United States and by Country world wide. Help with finding locations, following the rules, getting financial help.

Film Crews and Jobs - Crew unions, where to find crews, where to look for film crew jobs.

Acting Resources - Acting news, acting advice, craft, courses, unions, ratings, casting, posting.

Agent Resources - Celebrity agents, literary agents and writers guild.

Digital Filmmaking - Links for digital video magazines, articles, blogs, buy equipment, rent equipment, transfer digital to film.

Cameras and Equipment - Where to buy film, supplies, purchase and rent cameras, lights, rigs all over the United States and the world.

Directing - Directors guild by countries, advice, news and information.

Music and Sound - Music sources, sound equipment and advice, software.

Film Festivals - Links to major festival sites in the United States and internationally and more.

Distributors - People who buy film for theatrical, DVD and internet distribution.

Film Law


Screenwriting Resources

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