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Useful Things for Filmmakers

Help keep the Free Film School alive. I've searched to find the most reliable suppliers with the best prices for the things you need to become a filmmaker.

When you buy through these links you get the lowest prices and help the school earn small commissions to offset the cost of web hosting. Thank you for your support!

Reviewed Products & Sources
Must Have!

Final Draft 7.1 Final Draft is the software most frequently used by professional screenplay writers. Don't try to save money by using a word processor to format your scripts. Final Draft takes care of the formatting so you can concentrate on writing.
Recommended BlueHost.Com BlueHost.Com is a new site host I have been testing and am very impressed. $6.95/month for two years or $7.95/month for 1 year.
50 Gigs storage - 999 Gigs/month tranfer - 2,500 email accounts - free domain name
Even more capacity for trailer downloads. I Highly recommend them.
Recommended iPowerWeb iPowerWeb.Com iPowerWeb.Com is the site host I use for FreeFilmSchool.Org. It's been pretty much trouble free and they've been quick to fix problems the few times anything has gone wrong ... and you can't beat the price. When it comes time to host your movie's trailers you'll appreciate the storage compacity and bandwidth of a professional site host.
10 Gigs storage - 250 Gigs/month tranfer - 2,500 email accounts - free domain name
You know you've been wanting to have your own great web site. What are you waiting for?
Must Have!

MovieMagic Screenwriter A lot of writers swear by MovieMagic. It works. Read about the programs. Download a demo copy of each then buy the one that works best for you.
Must Have! Netflix, Inc. It's essential you study lots of movies to be a filmmaker. Netflix lets you see all the movies you want for way less than renting individual movies at your local video store with a much better selection and keep them as long as you like with no penalties. They let you try it for free to see if you like it. You've got nothing to lose. It's a no-brainer!

Story Seminar Robert McKee's passion recognizes the cultural importance of story creation with stunning clarity. Stories are not just entertainment but rather the stuff which shapes the way we conduct our lives and develop our culture. Story is what makes a good movie, book, or play a great one with lasting significance. McKee's 'Story' shows how Structure is created of Character not plot, rules, and formulae. True emotional revelation for the audience is achieved by the interplay of Characters and Events impacting each other to resolution. This comprehensive, 3-Day writing workshop is a superbly organized presentation of all elements involved from beginning to advanced screenplay writing and creative writing.
Must Have! WithoutABox This is where you go to submit your film to most of the film festivals in the United States as well as many of the foreign festivals. It costs nothing to open an account and you pay the same or lower submission fee as if you had entered through the festival itself but with a lot less hassle. The festivals love it, you'll love it. A win-win all around.

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