What Would You Pay For The Dream Of Being A Filmmaker?



Would you like a glamorous, high-paying job where you got to work the hours you wanted, hung out with famous, beautiful people, everyone respected and admired you and you got to party all night? Would you like to get trained for it in just one year? Would you even be willing to pay a lot of money for the training or take out a big loan?

Of course you would. And so would thousands of other people. That’s why selling the dream is such big business. Note that you aren’t getting to buy the job, just the dream.

When I saw an article about a “culinary arts” school being sued for over-promising I was reminded that “selling the dream” is a very profitable kind of business in the United States but lately these “for-profit colleges” have come under a lot of legal pressure.

You see for most people the dream is all they will ever get. The schools pay huge sums on slick advertising, the tuition is sky high and the quality of instruction is often low. The success rate for students seems to be even lower.

The “majors” offered are usually in glamorous sounding jobs like fashion design or filmmaking. Jobs where a very few individuals have had spectacular success but job openings are almost non-existent.

If you are wanting to become a filmmaker and try to find the dream there are many options for finding film production courses but these fancy for-profit schools that look so appealing are not going to deliver.

Before you sign up for any film school do your research.

What is your experience?

Film Schools In Los Angeles – Dream vs. Reality

Film Schools in Los Angeles

Grauman's Chinese Theatre - Image via Wikipedia

Film Schools In Los Angeles – The Dream

What aspiring filmmaker hasn’t dreamt of attending one of the top Los Angeles film schools, following in the footsteps of such luminaries as George Lukas, then being hired into the glamorous lifestyle of a Hollywood big shot?

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Searching NY Film Schools

NY Film Schools

Statue of Liberty National Monument - Image via Wikipedia

I just finished an article on 4filmmaking.com about NY film schools. I wish I had some good news to report.

NY Film Schools = Expensive

My experience with visiting New York is that you can get really fine if you spend enough, but even mediocre cost a lot. (Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE N.Y. but it is expensive any way you look at it.) The same seems to hold true for the film schools there. NY film schools are subject to the same high costs as any other business trying to operate in the Big Apple.

Grad Reports High Cost, Poor Instruction

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Surprising Top Film Schools List

Not Your Average Top Film Schools List

Top Film Schools

Danny Devito - Hollywood Mogul

When you picture Danny Devito do you think “movie actor”? Did you know that he is one of the most powerful business men and producers in the film industry?

If your goal is success in Hollywood would it make more sense to pursue a degree in business rather than in camera angles?

If you’re looking for a top film school to get into the film business you aught to have a look at this new list of the top ten film schools. These aren’t the top film schools you’ll see on any other list.

Top Film Schools For FREE?

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Researching Colleges For Film?

Master List of Colleges For Film

colleges for film
I’ve just updated my master list of film making schools. I’ve also added my thoughts about some of the alternatives to traditional university education when it come to colleges for film.  I even through in a little about film summer schools. A film summer school may be of interest to anyone who can’t afford the time or money to enroll in a full course of study.

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