Is A Degree In Film Worth It For You?

Degree In Film

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Going To Film School? What’s A Degree In Film Worth?

Film school is as popular as ever and more and more universities are giving out degrees in film every year it seems. But will that degree in film actually get you a career. One educator claims that less than 1% of the graduates eventually become working filmmakers with at least one feature film under their belt. I’m not sure of the accuracy of that number but it is clear that the vast majority of graduates getting a degree in film end up in something other than filmmaking. [Read more…]

In 2011 is Film School Still Worth It?

This is a guest post from filmmaker Seth Hymes who runs the site Film School Secrets. He is particularly qualified to discuss the pros and cons of film school as he is a graduate and former instructor at NYU Film School.

Film schools are a great place to learn the basics of filmmaking and meet like minded collaborators. They also provide a structured environment to experiment and hone your craft.

Unfortunately, I’ve met more than my fair share of young NYU and USC film school alumni deeply in debt with no clear job leads or any idea how to start making movies for a living. I’ve also met many DIYers who wonder if they missed out by skipping school. With tuition costs continuing to rise, and HD equipment costs continuing to plummet, the film school debate is worth reopening in 2011.

My goal in this post is to shed some light on the specifics of investing in film school and also share some cheaper alternatives to get a film education in a classroom setting. [Read more…]

When ARE You Going To Get Started?

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I was at a birthday party last night and found myself talking to a young filmmaker, Robert, who had just completed his first feature film. Robert admitted that it wasn’t very good but he was incredibly excited that he had completed it.

I asked him where he had gone to film school. His answer was quick and right on.

I want to be a filmmaker. No one’s going to tell me I have to put myself $100,000 in debt and spend 4 years waiting to get started. [Read more…]

Importance of Film Storytelling

Film Storytelling

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Meng Johnson just added a great post to IndieTalk about the importance of film storytelling to the success of a film. Here’s an excerpt from that post.

It is easy to get caught up in the technical side of filmmaking and forget the greater importance of the art of STORYTELLING. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what camera you use, how great the VFX, or how big the explosions; if the story doesn’t connect. Read More…

I’m always surprised at the number of questions I get about the technical aspects of filmmaking and how rarely anyone asks me about film storytelling. [Read more…]

Sundance Film Festival Announces Cultural Dialog Films

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Sundance has selected 10 films to participate in the Institute’s new film festival program: Film Forward, Advancing Cultural Dialog. The purpose is to encourage cultural exchange through the screening of films that reflect the reflect the cultural diversity of the world.

Ten films have been selected to take part in the Sundance Institute’s inaugural cultural exchange program, Film Forward: Advancing Cultural Dialogue initiative. The first year slate includes five American and five international titles, screening in New York and Tunisia in December. The concept is a public/private cultural exchange effort spearheaded by the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities (PCAH). [Read more…]