Economy Killing Film Schools?

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Is the economy starting to kill film schools?

This just in from The Business Journal ( reports that recent budget cuts in North Carolina may force the University of North Carolina to cut their film school.

Film schools have been reported to be one of the most profitable areas for universities so it would be surprising if the cut was made for purely economic reasons. This may be a bluff by the school administrators or just more of the trend of cuting arts programs from mainstream public education. [Read more…]

Hollywood and Bollywood Sign A Truce?

Hollywood and Bollywood

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I don’t know quite what to make of a news article I just found concerning Hollywood and Bollywood.

For years the actor’s and crew’s unions have fought to stop film productions from leaving the United States as filmmaking companies have looked for countries with lower labor costs. Canada being the first among the usual suspects.

Hollywood and Bollywood

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Now some of the top executives from the biggest studios in Hollywood and Bollywood have agreed to a “treaty” that will allow sharing of locations and facilities between the two countries’ industries.

The article talks about Bollywood having access to Hollywood facilities and easier access to the United States for Indian actors and film distribution.

But won’t that work both ways? [Read more…]

Sell Your Screenplay Through Amazon

sell your screenplay

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If you’ve been looking for ways to sell your screenplay or project ideas here’s a channel you probably never would have thought of.

Amazon practically owns online book sales and has started selling just about everything else, as well. But, you already knew that.

You may not have realized that many other retailers and manufacturers use Amazon as a selling agent for their products, and many aspiring filmmakers and authors have made good money self-publishing through Amazon.

Recently Amazon went much farther from its roots than ever before to establish Amazon Studios. The goal is to find worthy projects and connect them to established Hollywood studios to get them produced and exhibited. In other words, to help you sell your screenplay. [Read more…]

Screenwriting Idea: Combine Genres

Screenwriting Ideas

Cover of Let the Right One In: A Novel

Looking for screenwriting ideas? One of the best ways is to think of ways to combine the stereotypes of several different genres to create something entirely new.

Beginning writers often will try writing a horror film because horror films can be inexpensive to film and an original concept can make for a highly successful film. But how do you come up with an original screenwriting concept when just about every variation on horror has already been done?

A little Swedish film has achieved quite a bit of success and even gotten to cult status by combining horror with a coming-of-age love story. [Read more…]

Publicity Photos: Saved by HD

Publicity Photos

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One of the elements of successful film distribution that is often overlooked by independent filmmakers is the publicity photos. If you want to sell your film you need a complete set of high-quality publicity photos that can be used in publicity such as “stills” and posters. [Read more…]