Film Schools In Los Angeles – Dream vs. Reality

Film Schools in Los Angeles

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Film Schools In Los Angeles – The Dream

What aspiring filmmaker hasn’t dreamt of attending one of the top Los Angeles film schools, following in the footsteps of such luminaries as George Lukas, then being hired into the glamorous lifestyle of a Hollywood big shot?

Here’s an article that discusses the dreams of attending film schools in Los Angeles as a stepping stone to fame and fortune and the reality of what most graduates find in the real world of today’s film industry. [Read more…]

Surprising Top Film Schools List

Not Your Average Top Film Schools List

Top Film Schools

Danny Devito - Hollywood Mogul

When you picture Danny Devito do you think “movie actor”? Did you know that he is one of the most powerful business men and producers in the film industry?

If your goal is success in Hollywood would it make more sense to pursue a degree in business rather than in camera angles?

If you’re looking for a top film school to get into the film business you aught to have a look at this new list of the top ten film schools. These aren’t the top film schools you’ll see on any other list.

Top Film Schools For FREE?

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Hollywood and Bollywood Sign A Truce?

Hollywood and Bollywood

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I don’t know quite what to make of a news article I just found concerning Hollywood and Bollywood.

For years the actor’s and crew’s unions have fought to stop film productions from leaving the United States as filmmaking companies have looked for countries with lower labor costs. Canada being the first among the usual suspects.

Hollywood and Bollywood

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Now some of the top executives from the biggest studios in Hollywood and Bollywood have agreed to a “treaty” that will allow sharing of locations and facilities between the two countries’ industries.

The article talks about Bollywood having access to Hollywood facilities and easier access to the United States for Indian actors and film distribution.

But won’t that work both ways? [Read more…]

Sell Your Screenplay Through Amazon

sell your screenplay

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If you’ve been looking for ways to sell your screenplay or project ideas here’s a channel you probably never would have thought of.

Amazon practically owns online book sales and has started selling just about everything else, as well. But, you already knew that.

You may not have realized that many other retailers and manufacturers use Amazon as a selling agent for their products, and many aspiring filmmakers and authors have made good money self-publishing through Amazon.

Recently Amazon went much farther from its roots than ever before to establish Amazon Studios. The goal is to find worthy projects and connect them to established Hollywood studios to get them produced and exhibited. In other words, to help you sell your screenplay. [Read more…]